To mark its 12th year of inauguration, the MMA has dedicated a programme called the MSA Talent Learning Programme to reward talents from MSA agencies who have officially participated in the GOLD winning entries. This programme is crafted to allow these talents to pursue industry-related trainings funded by the MSA. The core purpose of this programme is to help these talents gain more knowledge and expertise to help them grow further in their career.

      1. This programme is applicable to any talents employed within the GOLD winning entrant agency (applicable to MSA member agencies ONLY) and must be listed in the submitted GOLD winning entry for the Malaysian Media Awards 2017.
      2. Prize in form of Training Voucher worth Ringgit Malaysia Fifteen Thousand (RM15,000.00) Only.
      3. The approval for utilization of the Training Voucher must be secured on or before 21 June 2018 Talents are allowed to utilize the voucher for trainings up to 21 July 2018. In addition to this the talent from the winning entry must satisfy the following conditions:-
        • Such person must still be working for the entrant agency while participating in the training programme.
        • A person who leaves the entrant agency forfeits his/her right to the training voucher.
        • The training voucher is not transferable to any other employee of the entrant agency.
      4. Where the training voucher or any part of it is not utilised, the value will remain with MSA.
      5. Training subject/content is open to any of the related subject below:-
        • Marketing
        • PR
        • Creative thinking
        • Activation
        • Integrated Marketing
        • Language
        • Media
        • Retail
        • Consumer
        • Sales
        • Self-help
        • Any other training deemed applicable by the MSA
      6. Education/training method is opened to both classroom or web/online based lessons.
      7. The talent needs to obtain the permission of the employer to attend trainings during working hours.
      8. The MSA will process the application within 21 days upon receipt of request. MSA will confirm with agency on the employment status of applicant. Applicants to be notified on the status of their applications. The application to MSA must include:-
        • A written format explaining on the chosen training programme and how it helps them grow in the chosen field.
        • Official quotation from the training provider.
        • Approval to attend the training from the applicant’s agency senior management/ HR.
        • The course brochure or outline
      9. The value of training voucher is to be shared equally by the members of the team. This notwithstanding the following will apply:-
        • Where a team member uses less of his share for the training program chosen, the balance shall be treated as credit within the team. A letter of indemnity from the team member witnessed by management should be provided by those who do not wish to claim their winnings saying that they allow the funds to be used by other members of the team.
        • Where the cost of the training program is more than his/ her share of the program. Any part of the available credit could be used by such team member subject to (c) below.
        • Where more than one team member enrol for a training program where the cost is more than their share of the voucher, such team members shall equally share the available credit within the team.
        • Where despite the available credit the cost of the training program is higher than the share available to the team, such talent shall top-up the extra cost.
      10. The prize in the form of training voucher can only be utilised for training through a third party training provider. It cannot in any circumstances be used for in house training or training conducted by the employer of the winning team.
      11. All payments will be directly paid to the training provider only. The talent shall not be entitled to any cash arising from a prize.
      12. Applicants shall inform the MSA if any of the trainings are cancelled and ensure that the funds are returned to the MSA. MSA will only approve any new application for replacement of cancelled training(s) once the funds from the cancelled training(s) are reimbursed to the MSA.
      13. Winning agencies must assign one contact person to liaise with MSA on application matters.
      14. All participants must get the approval of the MSA before attending a training. Any application after attending a training will not be entertained
      15. Any application that does not comply with this T&C will be rejected accordingly.

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