Use of data (Disclaimer)

Users of media will appreciate the value of up-to-date and accurate data. The information contained in this section is subject to changes made in a rapidly expanding media landscape. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of contents, we cannot accept liability for errors or omissions. This information does not purport to be a substitute for many research sources used in media planning and buying for specific brands and needs.

Advertising Expenditure (ADEX)

The full AdEx database is available on an annual subscription basis and reported on a monthly basis. This is supported by AdQuest Millennium, the analysis software for ADEX.

Available data are as follows:

  • Advertising expenditure of 20,000+ brands, grouped into about 300 product categories

  • Advertising expenditure by individual FTA TV station, print titles, radio station and in total for outdoor, cinema and point of sale

  • Monthly reporting from 1996

  • Reported in Ringgit value, no. of ad placements (spots for broadcast media, insertions for print media) and volume of ad placements

  • AdEx is reported based on official rate-card rates supplied by media owners

Media Index General Report

The general report is available every Q2 (July-June reporting). This report contains comprehensive cross-tabulations of demographics, media/ product/ service information.

Available data are as follows:

  • Detailed demographics; e.g. gender, age, location, household income, occupation

  • Detailed consumption of main mass media; e.g. FTA TV, satellite TV, newspaper, magazine, radio, Internet, cinema, video, point of sale, etc.

  • Consumer durable items at home

  • Usage of household & personal products; e.g. shampoo, moisturizer, laundry detergent, beverages, etc.

  • Usage of banking/financial services

  • Visits to shopping/dining outlet

  • Air travel

TV Audience Measurement (TAM)

Daily TV data are delivered in soft copy to be loaded into the specialise TV analysis called Telescope. It provides insights on TV viewing habits of individuals aged 6 years & above in Peninsular Malaysia.

Available data are as follows:

  • Shares of TV stations

  • TV programme ratings

  • Reach and frequency of the audience on a certain product or commercial

Radio Audience Measurement

The Radio Audience Measurement Services are used to better understand the characteristics and listening preferences of individuals aged 10 years & above in Peninsular Malaysia.

Available data are as follows:

  • Radio listening patterns and habits on a quarter-hour basis

  • Analysis across demographics and dayparts, providing information on audience size, station shares as well as reach and frequency